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The Harassed Hero 1954

★★★★★★★★★★ IMDb: 6.9 Runtime:61 minutes
Description: Poor Mr. Murray Selwyn (Guy Middleton)! He's suffering from 'Acute Apprehension Complex' and his doctors have strongly recommended that he avoid any stress or excitement in his life. Unfortunately -- thanks to a chance encounter in a London taxi cab -- he now finds himself at the very centre of an explosive international criminal caper and his life is filled with suitcases full of hot money, desperate gunmen and vanishing bodies! More dangerous still, he's been cared for by the rather ravishing Nurse Brook (Joan Winmill Brown) -- a girl guaranteed to stimulate any red-blooded English gentleman! How much excitement can one man take?
Runtime: 61 minutes
Genres: Comedy, Thriller,
Directors: Maurice Elvey,
Cast: Guy Middleton, Joan Winmill Brown, Elwyn Brook-Jones, Mary Mackenzie, Harold Goodwin,