Heartwood (1998) poster

Heartwood 1998

★★★★★★★★★★ IMDb: 6.9 Runtime:92 minutes
Description: When a large corporation threatens to take over a small town's primary business and put half of the town's population out of work, sawmill owner Logan Reeser (two-time Oscar winner Jason Robards) is the only one who can stand in their way. Co-writer and director Lanny Cotler's David vs. Goliath tale features another two-time Oscar winner, Hilary Swank, as the scandal-prone daughter of the mill's embattled manager (John Terry).
Runtime: 92 minutes
Directors: Lanny Cotler,
Cast: Eddie Mills, Jason Robards, Stanley DeSantis, Randall Batinkoff, John Terry, Kevin Breznahan, Kai Lennox, John Dennis Johnston, Erin Beaux, Tantoo Cardinal, Hilary Swank, Holly Near, Amy Boosinger, Mike Boomer, Jim Neely, Muse Watson, Tracy O'Neil Heffernan, Denise Dumont, Bill White, Cheyenne Cotler, Michael Robinson, Doug Hundley, Iana Huber-Cotler, Mavis Bromaghim, Randall Lorenz, Big "T", Judy Swank, David Traversi, Zak Huber-Cotler, Sara Isis, Jade Power, Heather Sawyer, Jenna Byrne, Tomas Arana, Craig R. Johnson, Robert Kahan, Steve Cotler, Mike Cornwall, Lee Edmundson, Dale Glaser, Drew Henry, Bert James, Tom Jarvis, Wes Patterson, Mark Rauch, Wayne Sizemore, Norman Winckler, Spencer Brewer, Alex DeGrassi, Doug Cotler, Karina McAbee, David Raitt, Jerry Rich, Will Siegel, Emily Cotler, Abigail Cotler, Julie Cotler Pottinger,