School of Life (2004) poster

School of Life 2004

★★★★★★★★★★ IMDb: 6.9 Runtime:8 minutes
Description: Stanley is a student who turns down his friend Gordon's invitation to cut class, saying that maybe today they'll learn something, maybe today the school will teach something. Sure enough, once Stanley's teacher gets the attention of the unruly class, she tells them that this lesson is the most important one they'll ever study - the meaning of life. She passes out a pamphlet, but runs out as she gets to Stanley, telling him that his surly seat mate, Garth, will have to share the booklet with him. She leaves, and Garth hordes the material. What's Stanley to do?
Runtime: 8 minutes
Directors: Jake Polonsky,
Cast: Nick Stockwell, Jack Doolan, Jonathan Readwin, Susan Lynch, Esther Hall, Derek Smith, Malachi Smyth, Barry Wasserman,