Wild Horse Valley (1940) poster

Wild Horse Valley 1940

★★★★★★★★★★ IMDb: 6.9 Runtime:58 minutes
Description: Bob Evans' Arabian stallion is stolen and Bob, with his friend Shag Williams starts on the trail that takes them to the horse ranch owned by Kimball and his daughter Ann, where the stallion is running wild. Baker, the ranch's crooked foreman, is utilizing the stallion as a decoy and, with his henchmen, Raymer and Winton, corrals the mares that follow the stallion in a hidden corral, intending to sell them across the state line.
Runtime: 58 minutes
Genres: Western,
Directors: Ira Webb,
Cast: Bob Steele, Phyllis Adair, Lafe McKee, Jimmy Aubrey, Ted Adams, Bud Osborne, George Chesebro, Buzz Barton, Victor Adamson, Tex Phelps,