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The Hopeful Romantic 2018

★★★★★★★★★★ IMDb: 6.9 Runtime:105 minutes
Description: Jess, a bellboy working at The Manila Hotel, is gifted an all-expenses paid stay at the hotel's most expensive suite. And during his stay, he encounters Veronica, a professional golddigger. Jess keeps up the illusion of being a rich guest of the hotel, hoping to get Veronica to fall in love with him before he has to tell her the truth.
Runtime: 105 minutes
Genres: Comedy, Romance,
Directors: Topel Lee,
Cast: Pepe Herrera, Ritz Azul, Johnny Revilla, DJ Durano, Jenine Desiderio, Atoy Co, Nikko Natividad, Paeng Sudayan, Wacky Kiray, Alora Mae Sasam, Michelle Liggayu, Kelvin Miranda, Beverly Salviejo, Bodjie Pascua, Vangie Labalan, Donna Cariaga,